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helloly® is the official registrar of the country domain of Austria.


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  • Free .AT Domain with every hosting package.
  • All fees of the registration authority are already included. There are no further costs.
  • Anycast DNS server for the high availability of your domain.
  • Online administration of your .at domain including DNS management to forward your domain to an existing website.
  • We are an accredited .at registrar helloly is official domain registrar

.at Price Information .at

First year

€ 8,90


€ 14,90/Jahr


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Interesting facts about .at-Domains

  .at is your best domain 

Domains under .at, and can be registered without any special restrictions. A place of residence or a branch office in Austria are not required. An .at domain can be between one and 63 characters long, and registration is completed within a few seconds at helloly. Since December 15, 2011, .at has been using DNSSEC to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the Domain Name System data.
Through the registry, helloly offers the Security-Lock, a special protection for .at domains.

An .at domain thus offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen your online presence in Austria and to present content aimed at local target groups. It conveys trust and credibility, improves your findability in search engines and protects your brand from misuse.

Another advantage of .at domains is their high availability. In contrast to other country domains such as the German .de domain, many attractive names are still freely available for a website ending in .at.

The Austrian registry system also offers a high level of data security and protection. All data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form and regularly checked for accuracy.

All in all, an .AT domain is not only a good choice for companies with a focus on the Austrian market, but is also suitable for all other online projects - especially if security and data protection are important to you!

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