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Google Workspace

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    •   Google Workspace activated with a single click
    •   Automatic integration of your domain from helloly®
    •   WordPress, website builder and much more working alongside
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    Google Workspace with helloly: Makes your office smarter 

    Want to make your office smarter? Use Google Workspace together with helloly. This allows you to optimize your workflow and use time and resources more efficiently. Google Workspace gives you access to a wide range of tools such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar - all seamlessly integrated into one platform.

    Google Workspace
    Business Starter

    30 GB storage

    € 5,75 /month
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    Key Features

    • 30 GB storage per user
    • Gmail under your domain
    • documents, calendars, spreadsheets
    • cloud storage
    • video conferencing

    The most important apps at a glance

    All applications included in the monthly fixed price


    Sending and receiving via the Gmail platform under your own domain.

    helloly takes care of all necessary settings.


    Share your calendar with other users.

    Simple appointment scheduling and access across all devices.


    Your online hard drive, available on any device.

    May be used as central storage within your company. Permission management included.


    Create documents without installing software, directly within your browser.

    A sophisticated replacement for Word.


    Spreadsheets in the cloud, from within your browser.

    Collaborative editing with your team.


    Online meetings via video or voice.

    With Google Hangouts, which is also integrated, you get your own chat platform for your company.

    In perfect alliance with helloly

    helloly Hosting is the ideal addition to Google Workspace

    Web hosting

    Your website, your store, your business card.

    With web hosting by helloly you will be seen. The fastest hosting in Austria.

    Website Builder

    Create your most beautiful one of a kind website.

    No prior knowledge or software required. All you need is your browser.

    WordPress and much more.

    Endless possibilities with WordPress and 150 additional applications.

    Installed with just a few clicks via your helloly backend.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    helloly Hosting Experten

    Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based productivity tools and services developed by Google to help businesses, educational institutions and organizations collaborate and communicate efficiently. Google Workspace was formerly known as "G Suite". It offers a variety of applications that enable collaborative working, email communication, data storage, video conferencing and more.

    Google Workspace aims to facilitate team collaboration, increase productivity and enable access to information from virtually any device with internet access. It also offers integrations with other Google services and third-party apps to extend functionality.

    • Gmail: Google's email service that offers powerful e-mail features, organizational tools and custom domains for business purposes.
    • Google Drive: A cloud storage service that allows files to be uploaded, stored and edited together.
    • Google Docs: A web-based word processing and collaboration tool similar to Microsoft Word.
    • Google Sheets: A web-based spreadsheet tool similar to Microsoft Excel.
    • Google Slides: A web-based presentation tool similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Google Forms: A tool for creating surveys, questionnaires and feedback forms.
    • Google Meet: A video conferencing service that enables video and audio calls, screen sharing and virtual meetings.
    • Google Calendar: A calendar service for appointment planning, appointment reminders and joint appointment management.
    • Google Chat: An instant messaging service for team communication and collaboration.
    • Google Sites: A tool for creating internal websites and team portals without programming knowledge.
    • Google Keep: A note management application that enables notes, lists and tasks.
    • Google Vault: A service for archiving and managing communication data and files for compliance with legal requirements.
    • Google Drive Files: A place to store and share files that were not created in Google's document, spreadsheet or presentation formats.
    • Google Cloud Search: A powerful search tool that makes it easier to search for information in Google Workspace.

    The cost per user is € 5,75 per month for a one-year contract.

    Helloly's configuration for your domain is already included. This makes setup simple and straightforward. You also receive standard support for Google Workspace directly from Google.

    1. Seamless collaboration: Google Workspace is designed to promote real-time collaboration. Multiple users can work simultaneously on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files, and track and comment on changes.
    2. Cloud-based storage: All files are stored in the cloud on Google Drive, allowing access from different devices and locations. It also eliminates the risk of data loss due to hardware failure.
    3. Simple file sharing and permission control: The ability to easily share files and folders and define exactly who can access and edit which information is a great advantage.
    4. Web-based apps: Google Workspace's web-based applications do not require installation on a computer and can be accessed from any device with internet access.
    5. Simple integration: Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts. It also offers the option of integrating third-party apps via Google Marketplace.
    6. E-mail and calendar: Gmail offers powerful email features with custom domains, while Google Calendar makes scheduling and organizing appointments easier.
    7. Cost control: Google Workspace offers different pricing models so that companies only pay for the features they need.
    8. Real-time synchronization: Changes made to a document, presentation or spreadsheet are automatically updated in real time, eliminating the need for manual synchronization.
    9. Mobility: Google Workspace apps are available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, making it easier to work on the go.
    10. Security and privacy: Google Workspace offers comprehensive security features such as two-factor authentication, data encryption and periodic security updates.
    Yes, helloly and Google Workspace work together like a charm

    Webhosting from helloly and the use of Google Workspace is hassle-free and offers numerous advantages for companies of all sizes..

    Having helloly as your web hosting partner means you can be sure that your website will always run quickly and reliably. This not only means a better user experience for your customers, but also a higher ranking in the search engines.


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