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Personalized e-mail solution for your domain. Perfect if you don't need a website.

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Communicate more efficiently: Using e-mails with your domain

If you don't run a website but still want to take advantage of professional email addresses under your custom domain, we have the perfect solution for you. Our E-Mail Only product allows you to use your domain in an efficient and cost-effective way.

E-Mail Complete

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€ 1,50/Monthly
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Key Features

  • e-mails from @YourDomain
  • 10 GB mail storage
  • 5 mailboxes
  • unlimited e-mail addresses
  • IMAP, POP3
  • SSL encryption
  • helloly Webmail 2.0
  • backups
  • your data hosted in Austria
  • easily upgrade to web hosting

E-mail Administration

Simple and secure management of your e-mail addresses.

With just a few clicks you can create new e-mail addresses or change existing ones.

helloly Webmail 2.0

Secure access to your emails from anywhere.

Modern platform for working even without an e-mail application.

Data stored in Austria

Vital to your business and a good feeling as well.

We store your data with high availability in our helloly data centers.

Professional quality for the best price.

With helloly you get a comprehensive e-mail server for your domain for € 1,50 per month. However, that's not all: We also offer you a variety of additional functions that you often have to pay dearly for with other providers. These include spam and virus protection as well as sufficient storage space for your e-mails.

  • Filter functions to organize your emails
  • Included address book/contacts
  • Automated vacation message and much more

Works with all devices.

E-Mail Complete works with all devices and operating systems. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, Android smartphone or PC - our software is optimized for all platforms and offers seamless integration into your existing setup. We also guarantee the highest security standards for the transmission of your sensitive data.

  • Automatic configuration for iOS, MacOS, Windows Live Mail
  • Easy setup under Android
  • Our customer service will support you at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

helloly Hosting Experten
Share your mail server

E-Mail Complete includes 5 separate e-mail accounts to which you can assign any number of e-mail addresses. This means that you can also assign other people an e-mail address under your domain.


An e-mail alias is an alternative, additional e-mail address that refers to the same e-mail inbox as the main address. In other words, an alias forwards e-mails to the main mailbox without the need to create a separate mailbox. It allows you to use multiple e-mail addresses that can all access the same mailbox and receive the same e-mails. You can use as many e-mail aliases as you like.


Yes, a spam filter is also included. This means you can be sure that unwanted e-mails are automatically filtered out and your inbox remains organized.

Paid fees will be credited

Switching to a complete hosting package only takes a few clicks. Your existing e-mail addresses remain active. Fees already paid will be taken into account. There will be no double costs.

Fixed price, no hidden costs.

The monthly fee of € 1,50 is charged annually. You will receive an annual invoice for € 18,00. You can withdraw online at any time.

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